Many organizations aim to work more data-driven. But what does that all entail? Based on my broad theoretical and practical experience with CRO research, I can help you with this.

Microsoft Clarity
Google Analytics

Do you recognize this?

  • There are recurring questions about the behavior of visitors on the website
  • Tools like Hotjar have been around for a while, but are hardly used
  • In practice, many decisions are still made 'by feeling'

And want the following?

  • Someone with knowledge and experience of visitors and research
  • Who knows how to uncover new concrete insights in a short time
  • And thus help make the organization more data-driven

Interested in CRO research?

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Highlighted benefits

Flexible approach → Customized help

Sometimes plans, expectations and needs simply change. Dealing with this flexibly creates the greatest added value for the customer. For example, training or coaching in-house specialists is also possible.

Experienced consultant → Clear communication

I now have decades of experience as a consultant. In addition to excellent project management skills, this also ensures that I can communicate well with stakeholders at all levels. Explaining findings to directors, developers, or obstacles is therefore no problem.

Hands-on experience with tools → Fast and reliable insight

I have extensive experience with tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar. This means that minimal valuable time is lost finding out what the (im)possibilities are with these tools for your website.

Frequently asked questions

How does CRO contribute to data-driven working?

By nature, CRO works very much from data rather than from gut feeling. Working with a CRO consultant automatically ensures that more attention is paid to matters such as data quality and research.

What about the implementation of the advice?

If necessary, consultation will take place with your developers about the implementation. After all, they know the code best and will know how the advice can be implemented as best as possible on the website or webshop.

What tools are needed for CRO research?

Basically, a tool for web analysis (such as Google Analytics) and a tool to view visitor behavior (such as Hotjar) are particularly important. In addition, other tools may provide added value in specific cases.

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Impressive results

Ramon van Koppen, Owner, GreenEggTotaal

Have a visitor behavior analysis carried out by Theo. Impressive results, which allow us to optimize our shop to make the user experience as pleasant as possible for our customers! The complete analysis has been incorporated into a beautiful report that is easy to understand for a layman like me. Based on this report, we can take another step forward and stay ahead of the competition! Thank you very much for the great cooperation Theo, see you soon! (LinkedIn)

Extremely skilled professional

Jan de Roode, Communication Advisor, Middin

I got to know Theo as a very skilled professional. It is pleasant to work with him. Theo is solution-oriented and knows how to translate between the client's wishes and the (im)possibilities of the technology. And above all, not unimportant for me as a client, Theo meets every deadline. (LinkedIn)

Excited about the results

Simone Bronkhorst, Marketing & Publicity, Idea

We are very excited about the results of your conversion research! The findings were very clear. That is why I highly recommend you to other organizations that are looking for answers to challenges in the field of website optimization.

Pleasant cooperation

Marijke Verkaik, Web Designer, KovokS

We hired Theo to investigate some websites and I highly recommend him. Not only does he offer pleasant cooperation, but also in-depth knowledge about how to optimize a website. (LinkedIn)


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How important is good data quality?

The quality of the data determines how reliable and valid an analysis will be. If the data in Google Analytics is not clean (for example due to problems with tagging, tracking, filters, etc.) then it is very difficult to work with it. Therefore, ensure that data quality is checked and kept high.

Need a lot of data for CRO research?

The more relevant data, the more complete the picture from the CRO research will be. Keep in mind that the quality of the data is often more important than the absolute quantity. The presence of additional data (such as by using Enhanced Ecommerce) can also help with this.