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Theo van der Zee is a senior freelance CRO specialist with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of data, psychology, code, and statistics.
CRO specialist Theo van der Zee

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Satisfied customers

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Very positive results achieved

Tsjibbe Wiersma, Online Marketing Manager, Profile

Theo has a particularly sharp view of conversion optimization and its added value for the organization's objectives. He wants to get the most out of it (in a positive sense). We worked together at Profile Banden en Onderhoud for a longer period of time and achieved very positive results. A pleasant person to work with, clear in his communication and strong in terms of content. (LinkedIn)

A pragmatic approach

Carla Leeuwerink, Business Manager, Perlas

We liked the pragmatic approach and the feedback was both clear and justified in our opinion. As a result of the expert review, we decided to go for a complete website redesign, instead of optimizing our current website. This was a big project for us, but we completed it in just 6 weeks thanks to Theo's clear instructions. (LinkedIn)

Maintain an excellent overview

Marjolein van den Broek, Account Director, Yonego

I have had a great time working with Theo in recent years. He has helped us in the CRO area on various large accounts. No challenge is too much for Theo and the more complex the more he seems to enjoy it. What struck me is that he was excellent at maintaining an overview of what was going on within the projects. In addition to his substantive knowledge about conversion optimization, customers were also very enthusiastic about his technical skills and his sharp eye. Theo is a very good and pleasant specialist to work with, very loyal and also with a dry, pleasant sense of humor. (LinkedIn)

Helps organizations further

Wim Vis, Management team, DGN Publishers

It may sound a bit rude, but Theo is by far the biggest test nerd I know. And that not only works fantastic, but is also mega-contagious. He knows absolutely everything at the intersection of data, testing and conversion, digs deeper than many and then knows how to easily translate this into clear problem statements. But where many freelancers stop there, Theo goes further. He formulates practical solutions for the problems identified. In this way he helps organizations further. And all with a dose of humor and an extremely pleasant manner. Yes, I can highly recommend Theo without any doubt. (LinkedIn)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are regularly asked to a CRO specialist. That is why these questions are already answered here, nice and efficiently.

"Is our website (or webshop) suitable for CRO?"

In principle, every website or webshop is suitable for CRO. This way you can do conversion optimization for websites or web shops in all industries (e.g. fashion, consumer, travel), on all platforms (e.g. WordPress, Magento, Shopify), of all company formats (e.g. startup, scale-up, enterprise), with all types of products or services (e.g. cars, clothing, consultancy), and for all revenue models (e.g. lead gen, SaaS, e-commerce). Of course, unique restrictions or opportunities will sometimes apply to some websites or web shops.

"What kind of conversion rate increase do you expect?"

Unfortunately, this is difficult to predict because it depends on so many factors. In addition to the work carried out, matters such as the quality of visitors, competition, campaigns and seasonal influences also influence the conversion rate. In addition, there are also challenges in the field of data quality, which means that the reported conversion ratio may not be completely accurate. Of course, we will discuss in consultation what the intended result of the collaboration is and work towards that.

"Do you have experience with CRO for our industry?"

Probably. In the meantime, as a CRO specialist, I have already worked for customers in almost all industries and for all target groups. Would you like to hire me as a senior CRO specialist, but are you unsure whether there is sufficient experience with your industry, products, or services to get good results from a collaboration? Please contact us so that we can discuss how I can use my experience to provide support when you outsource CRO to me.

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Hire a CRO specialist

A CRO specialist is someone who works on Conversion Rate Optimization. Such an expert has often delved into matters such as data, psychology, code, and statistics. Based on this knowledge, the specialist you hire can help improve the conversion of a website, webshop, or landing page.

Learn more about CRO

On the blog, a CRO specialist may be interested in topics such as conversion rates, testing goals, or micro conversions. An online marketer or e-commerce manager might prefer to read about how fonts, tablets, size charts, or coupons can be better used on their site.

Benefits of outsourcing CRO

Outsourcing CRO to a freelancer or consultant has several advantages. The support provided is immediately of a high level, without the need for expensive training or coaching. A good CRO also has knowledge of different fields and industries, which benefits the results of the work.

Recognize experienced CRO experts

Every CRO expert is unique. Finding the best match can therefore be challenging. So ask yourself a few questions: Is his/her focus on CRO or 'everywhere and nowhere'? Is there experience in your industry? How do references describe him or her? Which customers have we already worked for? How many years has the person worked in CRO?