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A CRO strategy session allows you to set out the guidelines for optimizing your website or webshop together with an expert. Such a session can take place both online via a videocall and offline.

Strategy session sessie
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Do you recognize this?

  • It is time for major adjustments to the website, or a redesign
  • You find it difficult to structure this process
  • As a result, all steps cost a lot of energy, time and money

And want the following?

  • An experienced specialist who will help you think about the (new) website
  • Someone who can think along at both a strategic and tactical level
  • No endless discussions, but concrete steps as a result

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Highlighted benefits

Don't mince words → Honest and clear language

An effective strategic advisor is able to share his insights with the organization. This, even when these insights or ideas are not directly in line with the current consensus in the group. Naturally, this is done with respect, but at the same time with a clear voice, so that participants can sense the importance of the ideas.

Independent specialist → No dual interests

I regularly see processes in which stakeholders have dual interests. Consider, for example, internal specialists who do not want certain tools to be replaced. Or tool vendors who seem to really want that. As an independent specialist, I do not have these dual interests and we can therefore look for the choices with the most added value for the organization.

Graduated psychologist → Knowledge about change

The website is often a reflection of the organization as a whole. Consider, for example, a division into business silos that offers no added value for visitors. By looking not only at the website, but also at the organization as a whole, much bigger steps can often be taken.

Frequently asked questions

At what point should we engage an expert?

The earlier the better. As more choices regarding a new website, redesign, migration, or general change in direction have already been made, this makes further adjustments more difficult. By having a conversion expert monitor you from the start, you maximize the chance of positive changes from your CRO strategy.

Who should be present at a strategy session?

Preferably all important stakeholders. Consider at least the marketing director, e-commerce manager, online marketing manager, lead CRO specialist, lead UX specialist, and lead developer. Alternatively, you can consider involving support staff or content specialists to create an even broader support base.

Can this be done at our office?

Yes, even digitally via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, for example, is also an option. However, my experience shows that choosing an external location can in many cases help to broaden the mental field. Not only will there be fewer interruptions at an external location, the change of location will also often bring a positive change in mindset.

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Great contribution made

Nick Mondi, Product Owner, Haarshop

I enjoyed working with Theo. He helped us enormously in the CRO field for a number of years and devised and set up many successful tests. But above all, Theo provided us with fantastic assistance during a major CMS migration. In terms of design, functionalities, user testing, data analysis, not a single detail was left to chance. But perhaps most valuable is his sharp feedback. Theo was often able to point out points that we sometimes unknowingly took for granted. His efforts have made a major contribution to a successful migration. (LinkedIn)

Great collaboration!

Martijn Blom, Retail Marketing Manager, DHB Bank

We recently organized an onboarding workshop at DHB Bank led by Theo. His expertise and experience made this session a great success. Theo not only has the right knowledge, but also knows how to convey this in a very practical way in an accessible workshop for everyone. With his excellent presentation skills and experience in leading such sessions, Theo knows exactly how to strike the right chord and intervenes where necessary. We are very satisfied. Thanks, Theo! (LinkedIn)

Delved deeply into the content

Gijs Hovens, Marketing Manager, Savvii

After completing the expert review, we had a workshop with Theo and the most important stakeholders for the site. In this workshop we delved deeply into the content of the site and adjusted texts & flow where necessary. Theo has managed to stimulate the team in a good way to provide feedback and to arrive at good prioritization together. (LinkedIn)

Got a better picture

Rimmer Stumpel, CEO, De Projectinrichter

The sessions with Theo helped us to get a better idea of the direction we want to take with the website. Theo did not mince his words in our sessions, which provided a fresh perspective on the issues we encountered. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a sparring partner! (LinkedIn)


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Advice about a redesign?

Are you thinking about a redesign? During strategy sessions we can figure out how to ensure that the conversion rate is not negatively affected. Matters such as user research, division of roles within the team, and A/B testing of the current site against the redesign are certainly discussed.

Migration support?

It may be time for a migration to a new version of Magento or another CMS. Perhaps a switch to another platform, SaaS, or headless solution is even being considered. The impact of such a choice on the CRO strategy can be discussed in detail in one or more sessions.