Very positive results achieved

Tsjibbe Wiersma, Online Marketing Manager, Profile

Theo has a particularly sharp view of conversion optimization and its added value for the organization's objectives. He wants to get the most out of it (in a positive sense). We worked together at Profile Banden en Onderhoud for a longer period of time and achieved very positive results. A pleasant person to work with, clear in his communication and strong in terms of content. (LinkedIn)

A pragmatic approach

Carla Leeuwerink, Business Manager, Perlas

We liked the pragmatic approach and the feedback was both clear and justified in our opinion. As a result of the expert review, we decided to go for a complete website redesign, instead of optimizing our current website. This was a big project for us, but we completed it in just 6 weeks thanks to Theo's clear instructions. (LinkedIn)

Maintain an excellent overview

Marjolein van den Broek, Account Director, Yonego

I have had a great time working with Theo in recent years. He has helped us in the CRO area on various large accounts. No challenge is too much for Theo and the more complex the more he seems to enjoy it. What struck me is that he was excellent at maintaining an overview of what was going on within the projects. In addition to his substantive knowledge about conversion optimization, customers were also very enthusiastic about his technical skills and his sharp eye. Theo is a very good and pleasant specialist to work with, very loyal and also with a dry, pleasant sense of humor. (LinkedIn)

Helps organizations further

Wim Vis, Management team, DGN Publishers

It may sound a bit rude, but Theo is by far the biggest test nerd I know. And that not only works fantastic, but is also mega-contagious. He knows absolutely everything at the intersection of data, testing and conversion, digs deeper than many and then knows how to easily translate this into clear problem statements. But where many freelancers stop there, Theo goes further. He formulates practical solutions for the problems identified. In this way he helps organizations further. And all with a dose of humor and an extremely pleasant manner. Yes, I can highly recommend Theo without any doubt. (LinkedIn)

Really immersed in our product

Judith Blanken, Online Marketeer, Boat Bike Tours

Right from the first appointment, the contact felt very pleasant. Theo had prepared well and was able to put his finger on the sore spot. The contact afterwards was also very effective. Quick, clear responses and if it was not clear or there were any questions, we contacted you by telephone. Theo's expertise in the field of user experience and conversion optimization takes us to the next level. Which is also quite confrontational because we thought we were following the right path. It is precisely this confrontation that shows that it is extremely important to test and involve our target group. For me it is important that we can switch quickly and that someone also brings added value and experience, this is certainly the case with Theo. What particularly strikes me is that we are not just a number at Theo, but has really delved into our product. I would absolutely recommend Theo to other companies. We are very happy with this positive collaboration. (LinkedIn)

Great contribution made

Nick Mondi, Product Owner, Haarshop

I enjoyed working with Theo. He helped us enormously in the CRO field for a number of years and devised and set up many successful tests. But above all, Theo provided us with fantastic assistance during a major CMS migration. In terms of design, functionalities, user testing, data analysis, not a single detail was left to chance. But perhaps most valuable is his sharp feedback. Theo was often able to point out points that we sometimes unknowingly took for granted. His efforts have made a major contribution to a successful migration. (LinkedIn)

Proactive attitude

André de Ruijter, E-commerce Manager, Hans Anders

As interim e-commerce manager at Hans Anders, I experienced Theo as a very nice person and a real specialist. The combination of his technical and CRO skills in particular proved to be very valuable to us. His proactive attitude and extensive analyzes also appealed to me. Theo is highly recommended for those who seriously want to get started with CRO. (LinkedIn)

Impressive results

Ramon van Koppen, Owner, GreenEggTotaal

Have a visitor behavior analysis carried out by Theo. Impressive results, which allow us to optimize our shop to make the user experience as pleasant as possible for our customers! The complete analysis has been incorporated into a beautiful report that is easy to understand for a layman like me. Based on this report, we can take another step forward and stay ahead of the competition! Thank you very much for the great cooperation Theo, see you soon! (LinkedIn)

Consistently helped our business

Artur Bukowski, CRO Developer, Accenture

I had the pleasure of working with Theo van der Zee during our time together at Vodafone UK, and I can confidently say that he is one of the best conversion rate consultants I have ever met. Theo's ability to identify areas of improvement and provide effective solutions is unparalleled, and he consistently helped our business increase sales across multiple programs. He has a keen eye for detail and always spots mistakes that others may miss, providing invaluable insights and recommendations that have made a significant impact on our bottom line. I highly recommend Theo to anyone looking to optimize their conversion rates and drive business growth. (LinkedIn)

Great collaboration!

Martijn Blom, Retail Marketing Manager, DHB Bank

We recently organized an onboarding workshop at DHB Bank led by Theo. His expertise and experience made this session a great success. Theo not only has the right knowledge, but also knows how to convey this in a very practical way in an accessible workshop for everyone. With his excellent presentation skills and experience in leading such sessions, Theo knows exactly how to strike the right chord and intervenes where necessary. We are very satisfied. Thanks, Theo! (LinkedIn)

Neat in his communication

Robert Straver, Owner, Gespoten panelen

Theo conducted an expert review for my company. I'm very happy with the feedback he provided! The points for improvement mentioned in his website analysis have helped me - like a dot on the horizon - to give me a direction in which I can move. He is also neat in his communication with me as a customer. I definitely recommend a collaboration with Theo, also for companies that, like me, are still at the start of their journey.

More sustainable and better website

Bas Westdijk, Co-founder, Well Water

Theo surprised us. In addition to the diligence with which he worked, Theo has realized his interest in sustainability. Even though Theo had little experience within our industry, he provides new insights and meaningful suggestions in the 'expert review'. The website is again running with the latest technology, is fast, and the hosting has become sustainable. Thank you Theo, we are completely up to date again! (LinkedIn)

Lots to do in the near future

Michel Janssen, Owner, Nice & Warm

We have been the market leader in Europe for years in the internet sales of stove pipes. But an analysis of the conversion of our English site, by Theo and his panel, revealed quite a few areas for improvement. Where a number of our fundamental assumptions turned out to be partly wrong (gulp). Well, we now have a to-do list of 100 points and have a lot to do in the near future. (LinkedIn)

Provided clear explanations

Jarno Heideman, Owner, Bintra B.V.

Theo provided us with excellent support as a CRO specialist during the transition to a new webshop His expert review was invaluable. Theo provided clear explanations during discussions and thoroughly analyzed our webshop. He accurately identified all pain points and presented effective solutions. His professional approach and in-depth knowledge made the migration smooth. We are grateful to Theo for his valuable contribution. (LinkedIn)

Pleasant collaboration

Leroy van den Enden, Owner, DataClicks

Theo conducted an expert review for us to improve conversion on the webshop. It is pleasant to work with Theo, because he switches quickly, allowing us to move on quickly. You also notice that he is knowledgeable, because we received good advice. All in all, certainly satisfied with Theo. (LinkedIn)

Very skilled in his field

Sandra van Leeuwen, Owner, Viva Donna

Theo has done thorough research for my webshop Viva Donna on how I can improve the webshop. The report looks neat, neat and tidy. The results of the research are also clear. Theo is very skilled in his field, so I was able to learn a lot from him. The conversation was also informative, good and clear. If all points can be adjusted, my webshop will certainly perform better! (LinkedIn)

Delved deeply into the content

Gijs Hovens, Marketing Manager, Savvii

After completing the expert review, we had a workshop with Theo and the most important stakeholders for the site. In this workshop we delved deeply into the content of the site and adjusted texts & flow where necessary. Theo has managed to stimulate the team in a good way to provide feedback and to arrive at good prioritization together. (LinkedIn)

Helped with entire CRO process

Dennis Nederlof, Digital Marketing, Nexeye

Theo helped us with the entire CRO process for Hans Anders. From setting up a backlog to building tests and conducting analyses. And he usually has a solution to achieve this for the more technical tests as well. If you want to start experimenting or move to the next level, Theo is a great fit! (LinkedIn)

Got a better picture

Rimmer Stumpel, CEO, De Projectinrichter

The sessions with Theo helped us to get a better idea of the direction we want to take with the website. Theo did not mince his words in our sessions, which provided a fresh perspective on the issues we encountered. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a sparring partner! (LinkedIn)

Absolute top when it comes to CRO

Henri van de Blankevoort, Marketeer, BreinMedicijn

Theo did an expert review for us. Our site has been looked at from a strategic to a tactical point of view. The result was a huge list of both structural optimizations and quick wins. Theo is absolute top when it comes to CRO. (LinkedIn)

Critically held up a mirror

Patrick van den Hul, Owner and founder, Orde training

I used Theo's expert review service where he thoroughly examines your website and provides feedback. This went nicely in a funnel from strategic and tactical to very operational. The operational tips are so practical that they speak for themselves and are so actionable. In the follow-up conversation we mainly discussed Theo's strategic advice. This has led to a thorough revision of the positioning. The combination of advice at all these levels has enabled us to make a major improvement in quality. (LinkedIn)

Connects very well with audience

Mark Jansen, Freelance Developer, Your Mark Media

Theo gave a keynote presentation at one of our events. What I really like about Theo is his ability to give an in-depth and fascinating presentation on a complex subject such as website optimization. He connects very well with the audience and was able to adapt his presentation gradually. In summary, I would definitely recommend Theo if you are looking for a speaker on website optimization! (LinkedIn)

Nicely fast delivery

Maaike de Boer, Owner, Sweelinck & De Boer

Theo carried out an analysis of the website for us. I was pleased that he was able to deliver his report quickly, as agreed. We subsequently found many valuable areas for improvement in this report. We were able to pick up some of these points ourselves, while we were able to pass on other points to the developer (after consultation with Theo). All in all, I am very satisfied with our collaboration! (LinkedIn)

Extremely skilled professional

Jan de Roode, Communication Advisor, Middin

I got to know Theo as a very skilled professional. It is pleasant to work with him. Theo is solution-oriented and knows how to translate between the client's wishes and the (im)possibilities of the technology. And above all, not unimportant for me as a client, Theo meets every deadline. (LinkedIn)

Excited about the results

Simone Bronkhorst, Marketing & Publicity, Idea

We are very excited about the results of your conversion research! The findings were very clear. That is why I highly recommend you to other organizations that are looking for answers to challenges in the field of website optimization.

Pleasant cooperation

Marijke Verkaik, Web Designer, KovokS

We hired Theo to investigate some websites and I highly recommend him. Not only does he offer pleasant cooperation, but also in-depth knowledge about how to optimize a website. (LinkedIn)

Fantastic and engaging speaker

Tina Kesova, Head of Marketing, Codeable

Theo is a fantastic and engaging conference speaker and I've enjoyed all events we've attended together. His deep knowledge on psychology brings in great insight into his user experience and conversions optimization work and I have no doubts that this combined brings in great results for his clients and employers. (LinkedIn)

Sees hidden opportunities

Stephan Stegeman, CEO, Shop Like You Give a Damn

Theo has provided conversion optimization and Google Analytics lessons for several of my courses and training. Theo excels in two things: 1) helping people with basic knowledge achieve great results, and 2) serving groups with a large difference in level in a creative way, something that is a challenge for the most seasoned trainer. This is really a USP. Theo is also extremely in-depth and critical and wants to get the most out of it. This way he sees opportunities and threats that others overlook. Highly recommended for those who need a good optimization specialist or conversion optimization and analytics trainer. (LinkedIn)

Presentation was very valuable

Ruud van Zuidam, E-commerce Developer, Freelance

I spoke to Theo van der Zee during Meet Magento in Amsterdam, where he gave a presentation about sustainable marketing for web shops. I have known Theo for years and he always surprises me with his informative and clear presentations. This time he managed to translate the complex subject of CRO and sustainability into practice in an understandable way. He made it clear that it is important to not only sell "green", but also to actually be "green". This can provide benefits for web shops, such as a higher conversion rate and a better reputation. I found Theo's presentation very valuable. I learned a lot from him and I am convinced that his tips and advice can help me make my webshop more sustainable. (LinkedIn)

The reactions are always positive

Roel Veldhuizen, Owner & Programmer, Inesta

Theo has spoken twice at WordCamp events. Theo's speaking style is smooth, humorous and with many slides, but above all very easy to follow. The reactions are always positive and people almost always indicate that they have heard something of value again, even if they have already heard Theo a number of times. (LinkedIn)

Received a lot of concrete tips

Walter Albers, Entrepreneur, Proday

The expert review makes me very enthusiastic and I want to immediately start working on the points you mentioned. You have given me so many concrete tips, what a wonderful result! (LinkedIn)

Fast and concrete expert review

Clemens van Oostaijen, Marketing Director, BoerenBed

As part of his expert review, Theo directly contacted those involved within our organization and presented concrete improvements in his quickly delivered expert review that we can start working on immediately! (LinkedIn)

Large number of points of interest

Edwin Jonker, Entrepreneur, PrijsVergelijken

Thank you for your website review! There are a large number of points that we can use to improve the website. (LinkedIn)

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