Expert review

A website analysis provides many concrete points for improvement in a short time that you can further optimize your website or webshop. This will then result in a better conversion rate and higher turnover.

Expert review
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Quick wins

Do you recognize this?

  • The conversion rate is low, but it is unclear why this is the case
  • Rarely, if ever, has a conversion specialist looked at the site
  • You have the feeling that you are missing out on revenue

And want the following?

  • An independent analysis of your website or webshop

  • Concrete advice to improve the conversion of your website

  • Without requiring huge budgets

100+ companies have already opted for an expert review

Highlighted benefits of a expert review

Determine costs in advance → No surprises afterwards

We agree on the costs for the website review in advance. These costs include the following activities: communicating, researching the website, preparing the report and discussing the findings. No hassle with hours of estimates for me and no surprises for you afterwards, it's a pleasure to work together.

200+ points researched → Many valuable insights

The website or webshop is examined for the following categories, among others: design, layout, structure, navigation, search function, target groups, content, motivation, sustainability, forms, checkout, and technology. Each of these categories then contains dozens of checks. Naturally, the insights from the website analysis are delivered in a graphically beautiful report containing a screenshot, explanation, fix and estimate of the effort/gain per issue.

Delivery within 14 days → A better website quickly

Due to the extensive experience in carrying out an expert review, it is possible to deliver it within 14 days. This way you will quickly receive the findings and you can immediately start implementing them.

Frequently asked questions

Doesn't my web builder do this for me?

Unfortunately, my experience is that most web builders have little knowledge of conversion optimization. In fact, to date, a potential customer has never contacted me and I have not been able to provide them with a significant amount of new improvement opportunities. Unfortunately, the price is also no guarantee, as some expensive web builders do shoddy work while other affordable parties sometimes score well.

Can't I just do this myself?

Just as you are not going to replace your central heating boiler or install a dormer window yourself, it is also best to leave a website review or webshop review to an expert. Personally, I have spent thousands of hours researching websites. As a result, I not only know what to look out for, but I am also familiar with best practices, heuristics and pitfalls. Researching your website yourself for areas for improvement is of course possible, but will never have the same effect as a review of your webshop or website by an expert.

Does an analysis of a website help with a redesign process?

Of course! In fact, a website analysis performed while a site is still in the design phase can yield enormous returns. The reason for this is that a review can sometimes determine that certain functionalities should not be built (or should be built differently), which can save many expensive development hours.

Do you still need access to anything?

No actually not. An expert review is designed in such a way that no access is required to tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Tag Manager, or your backend. This ensures that the lead time of the expert review is kept limited. This also means you do not have to think about things such as access levels or placing scripts on the website or webshop.

What kind of recommendations can I expect?

The report will contain a mix of tactical and strategic recommendations. The tactical recommendations concern concrete changes to the website as explained above in the '200+ points examined' section. For example, the strategic recommendations can relate to the value proposition, positioning, or unique benefits.

Have the recommendations in the report been prioritized?

For each tactical point of interest in the website review, a so-called 'effort' and 'gain' score is stated. These scores are estimates of how difficult it will be to implement this change and how much improvement this change could potentially yield. In addition to these scores per item, the most important points of interest are also summarized on a separate slide. Many companies choose to start with these key points when optimizing their website. Finally, a video call follows after the website review has been completed. In this video call, the recommendations about which there are questions or uncertainties are discussed in detail. It is of course possible that, for example, the marketing manager, web builder or online marketer can join.

Does the website need to be in English?

No, websites in other languages are no problem. For example, reviews of websites with texts in Dutch, German, French and even Japanese have already been produced to the customer's satisfaction.

Interested in a review?

Contact me


A pragmatic approach

Carla Leeuwerink, Business Manager, Perlas

We liked the pragmatic approach and the feedback was both clear and justified in our opinion. As a result of the expert review, we decided to go for a complete website redesign, instead of optimizing our current website. This was a big project for us, but we completed it in just 6 weeks thanks to Theo's clear instructions. (LinkedIn)

Neat in his communication

Robert Straver, Owner, Gespoten panelen

Theo conducted an expert review for my company. I'm very happy with the feedback he provided! The points for improvement mentioned in his website analysis have helped me - like a dot on the horizon - to give me a direction in which I can move. He is also neat in his communication with me as a customer. I definitely recommend a collaboration with Theo, also for companies that, like me, are still at the start of their journey.

Lots to do in the near future

Michel Janssen, Owner, Nice & Warm

We have been the market leader in Europe for years in the internet sales of stove pipes. But an analysis of the conversion of our English site, by Theo and his panel, revealed quite a few areas for improvement. Where a number of our fundamental assumptions turned out to be partly wrong (gulp). Well, we now have a to-do list of 100 points and have a lot to do in the near future. (LinkedIn)

Provided clear explanations

Jarno Heideman, Owner, Bintra B.V.

Theo provided us with excellent support as a CRO specialist during the transition to a new webshop His expert review was invaluable. Theo provided clear explanations during discussions and thoroughly analyzed our webshop. He accurately identified all pain points and presented effective solutions. His professional approach and in-depth knowledge made the migration smooth. We are grateful to Theo for his valuable contribution. (LinkedIn)

Pleasant collaboration

Leroy van den Enden, Owner, DataClicks

Theo conducted an expert review for us to improve conversion on the webshop. It is pleasant to work with Theo, because he switches quickly, allowing us to move on quickly. You also notice that he is knowledgeable, because we received good advice. All in all, certainly satisfied with Theo. (LinkedIn)

Very skilled in his field

Sandra van Leeuwen, Owner, Viva Donna

Theo has done thorough research for my webshop Viva Donna on how I can improve the webshop. The report looks neat, neat and tidy. The results of the research are also clear. Theo is very skilled in his field, so I was able to learn a lot from him. The conversation was also informative, good and clear. If all points can be adjusted, my webshop will certainly perform better! (LinkedIn)

Absolute top when it comes to CRO

Henri van de Blankevoort, Marketeer, BreinMedicijn

Theo did an expert review for us. Our site has been looked at from a strategic to a tactical point of view. The result was a huge list of both structural optimizations and quick wins. Theo is absolute top when it comes to CRO. (LinkedIn)

Critically held up a mirror

Patrick van den Hul, Owner and founder, Orde training

I used Theo's expert review service where he thoroughly examines your website and provides feedback. This went nicely in a funnel from strategic and tactical to very operational. The operational tips are so practical that they speak for themselves and are so actionable. In the follow-up conversation we mainly discussed Theo's strategic advice. This has led to a thorough revision of the positioning. The combination of advice at all these levels has enabled us to make a major improvement in quality. (LinkedIn)

Nicely fast delivery

Maaike de Boer, Owner, Sweelinck & De Boer

Theo carried out an analysis of the website for us. I was pleased that he was able to deliver his report quickly, as agreed. We subsequently found many valuable areas for improvement in this report. We were able to pick up some of these points ourselves, while we were able to pass on other points to the developer (after consultation with Theo). All in all, I am very satisfied with our collaboration! (LinkedIn)

Fast and concrete expert review

Clemens van Oostaijen, Marketing Director, BoerenBed

As part of his expert review, Theo directly contacted those involved within our organization and presented concrete improvements in his quickly delivered expert review that we can start working on immediately! (LinkedIn)


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Right time for expert review?

This method is often chosen at the start of a conversion optimization process. However, this does not alter the fact that a website review can also reveal important areas for improvement at another time, or for more advanced websites.

What focus for a website analysis?

Many factors have an impact on conversion optimization. That is why a website analysis not only analyzes the UX, customer journey, and heuristics. Issues such as accessibility, mobile, forms, security, and loading speed are also discussed.

Added value of a website scan

As part of a website analysis, a scan is also performed. The website is extensively examined with the help of various tools (some of which we developed ourselves). This extra check often reveals many opportunities.

The research methods used

A wide range of methods are used for website research. For example, 20+ years of experience in building and researching websites, a psychology Master's degree, online tools, and best practices are used.