User testing

With user testing you gain more insight into the target group of your website or webshop. For example, by having users carry out commands and analyzing these recordings, you can improve usability.

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Do you recognize this?

  • You want to know what barriers visitors experience on the website
  • Or how users interact with a particular option in the webshop
  • Assumptions are now being made about this without validation

And want the following?

  • An experienced CRO specialist who can perform user testing
  • Concrete and actionable points for improvement based on the issues
  • So that the barriers are removed and the website is improved

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Highlighted benefits of user testing

Barriers in sight → Optimize in a more targeted manner

People who work on a website or webshop often no longer see the barriers. However, by having normal people carry out tasks (such as buying a product), the barriers that the testers encounter can be made visible. This enables the team to specifically remove these barriers that prevent conversions.

Select your target group → Relevant feedback

The closer the testers' characteristics are to your target group, the more relevant the findings will be. The following filters are offered for usability testing: gender, age, country, language, and computer experience. In the testing panel, there are people available from many different countries, including the USA, UK, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Image and sound → Find out the 'why'

While the testers carry out the assignments, the screen of their desktop, tablet or mobile phone is recorded. They also talk out loud. This combination of visual and spoken feedback during the user test will help them gain more insight into the 'why' of whether or not a certain part works for them.

Frequently asked questions

How many testers are needed for good user testing?

You can achieve good results with a surprisingly few testers. Research by NN Group has shown that 5 testers per user test is the optimal number in most cases. That number normally provides sufficient new insights without incurring high costs. It is important to take into account the division between mobile testers and desktop testers.

Can we user test with our own customers?

In theory this is certainly possible, but in practice it often proves difficult. First of all, you face the challenge that existing customers are generally already familiar with the website. This will result in different findings than when testers are selected who are not yet familiar with the website. In addition, these existing customers will have to install user testing software, they usually have no experience with usability testing or it is sometimes difficult to make time in their agenda for usability research.

Do testers from a panel provide relevant insights?

Of course! To date, I have never delivered a usability analysis that did not yield relevant insights. Keep in mind that for some complex B2B websites, user testing will probably not be the best solution. The reason for this is that the mindset of the tester sometimes differs too much from that of the actual target group. For example, a website analysis may be more suitable for these websites.

Can you also investigate mobile websites?

Yes, this is certainly possible. The proportions between desktop, tablet and mobile can be chosen yourself. Usually it is decided to make the group of testers representative of the visitors to the website. For example, do the vast majority of visitors to the website come on a mobile device? Then the vast majority of testers in the user test will also be asked to use a mobile device during the usability research.

How quickly can you deliver a user test?

The guideline is 14 days after the quotation has been approved. However, care must be taken in connection with recruiting the testers. If the website's target group only features very rarely in the panel, it can sometimes take a few extra days before the required number of testers are found. If this is the case, this will of course be communicated with the client in advance.

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Great contribution made

Nick Mondi, Product Owner, Haarshop

I enjoyed working with Theo. He helped us enormously in the CRO field for a number of years and devised and set up many successful tests. But above all, Theo provided us with fantastic assistance during a major CMS migration. In terms of design, functionalities, user testing, data analysis, not a single detail was left to chance. But perhaps most valuable is his sharp feedback. Theo was often able to point out points that we sometimes unknowingly took for granted. His efforts have made a major contribution to a successful migration. (LinkedIn)

Proactive attitude

André de Ruijter, E-commerce Manager, Hans Anders

As interim e-commerce manager at Hans Anders, I experienced Theo as a very nice person and a real specialist. The combination of his technical and CRO skills in particular proved to be very valuable to us. His proactive attitude and extensive analyzes also appealed to me. Theo is highly recommended for those who seriously want to get started with CRO. (LinkedIn)

Impressive results

Ramon van Koppen, Owner, GreenEggTotaal

Have a visitor behavior analysis carried out by Theo. Impressive results, which allow us to optimize our shop to make the user experience as pleasant as possible for our customers! The complete analysis has been incorporated into a beautiful report that is easy to understand for a layman like me. Based on this report, we can take another step forward and stay ahead of the competition! Thank you very much for the great cooperation Theo, see you soon! (LinkedIn)

Lots to do in the near future

Michel Janssen, Owner, Nice & Warm

We have been the market leader in Europe for years in the internet sales of stove pipes. But an analysis of the conversion of our English site, by Theo and his panel, revealed quite a few areas for improvement. Where a number of our fundamental assumptions turned out to be partly wrong (gulp). Well, we now have a to-do list of 100 points and have a lot to do in the near future. (LinkedIn)

Excited about the results

Simone Bronkhorst, Marketing & Publicity, Idea

We are very excited about the results of your conversion research! The findings were very clear. That is why I highly recommend you to other organizations that are looking for answers to challenges in the field of website optimization.

Pleasant cooperation

Marijke Verkaik, Web Designer, KovokS

We hired Theo to investigate some websites and I highly recommend him. Not only does he offer pleasant cooperation, but also in-depth knowledge about how to optimize a website. (LinkedIn)


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Advantages of qualitative research

With qualitative usability research you can easily discover the 'why' behind visitor behavior. For example, what doubts or uncertainties do visitors have? An additional advantage is that you do not need high visitor numbers on your website for qualitative research.

More forms of usability analysis

You can test usability using a user test. Alternatively, you can also investigate the user experience (UX) of a website using techniques such as interviews or focus groups. Each type of usability analysis naturally has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What is competitive user testing?

In the competitive form of user testing, your website or webshop is compared with that of one or more competitors. The points for improvement that the user testers mention while carrying out their assignments can help to gain a better picture of relative strengths and weaknesses.

Use targeted screener questions

In addition to demographic characteristics (such as age, gender, language, and country), you can also filter testers from the panel using screener questions. Think of a question like "Do you shop online regularly?" or "Do you have your own car?". Such screener questions increase the relevance of the testers.