Conversion optimization for B2B customers requires a special approach. This is partly because there are often a low number of conversions and the target group is usually difficult to reach. The trick here is therefore to focus on what is possible in B2B.

Louis Reyners

Examples of projects

  • ProjectInrichter: Various activities have been carried out for this B2B customer. Various sessions took place in which we worked on the CRO strategy. An expert review was also carried out and research was conducted based on the data available in Google Analytics.
  • Jungheinrich: This collaboration has been going on for a longer period. Over time, extensive website analyzes have been carried out for various websites of this group. Advice has also been given several times based on Google Analytics data.
  • Louis Reyners: This customer came to me asking if I could perform an expert review for his website. After delivery, they started working on the findings and used them as a basis to develop a new website.
  • Heffiq: This customer wanted to get more results from their B2B website in an efficient way. This is why an expert review and a round of usability testing were chosen. Many changes have been implemented based on these improvement points.
  • Betonblock: Various studies have been carried out for this customer, who operates worldwide. For example, an expert review was carried out in which a large number of recommendations were made. An extensive visitor behavior analysis was also carried out for this client using Hotjar.

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Target group is difficult to reach

In contrast to most B2C companies, the target group at B2B is often quite small. The difficult accessibility of people in the target group makes standard methods such as user testing based on an existing panel difficult.

Complex products or services

It can be challenging to find the balance between providing enough information on the website and overwhelming the visitor. Smart navigation and good layering of the content can help with this. Good user research can play a role in this.

Often long customer journeys

Sometimes it takes several months or longer before a prospect decides to become a customer. That person will visit the website several times, with different information needs each time. The website should respond well to this.

Usually low number of conversions

Most B2B companies have a relatively low number of conversions per month. This makes it difficult to obtain reliable and valid results from A/B testing. It is therefore important to work with methods other than A/B testing (such as user testing or interviews) to validate ideas.

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Frequently asked questions

We would like to A/B test, is that possible?

In most cases, A/B testing for B2B websites is not the best option. The primary reason for this is that roughly 1 in 3 tests is a significant winner and that you often need at least a few hundred conversions per variant per test to get sufficient statistical 'power'. Combine the two and with the low numbers of conversions of many B2B websites you usually don't even get one winning test per month.

How do we find out what the decision maker wants?

Often the smartest approach is to gather insights from as many different sources as possible. Consider options such as user testing, interviews, visitor behavior analysis, competitive analysis, data analysis, etc. By combining these insights you get the best possible picture of what the decision maker wants to see on the website.

Should we optimize for desktop or mobile?

On most B2B websites, the majority of conversions take place on the desktop. What is striking, however, is that visitors are also increasingly collecting information on mobile devices for B2B purchases. It is therefore important to optimize the website for both desktop and mobile.

How do we serve the different stakeholders?

B2B processes often involve multiple stakeholders. With the help of good segmentation, in combination with intuitive navigation, these stakeholders can all be served. By conducting research into matters such as psychological motivations, personalization may also be possible.

Which conversions should we send?

B2B conversions usually do not happen on the website itself. The conversion to send is often a contact request, whitepaper download, or request for a demo. Depending on the possibilities (think of marketing automation, for example), the smartest conversion goal is determined.


Got a better picture

Rimmer Stumpel, CEO, De Projectinrichter

The sessions with Theo helped us to get a better idea of the direction we want to take with the website. Theo did not mince his words in our sessions, which provided a fresh perspective on the issues we encountered. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a sparring partner! (LinkedIn)

Delved deeply into the content

Gijs Hovens, Marketing Manager, Savvii

After completing the expert review, we had a workshop with Theo and the most important stakeholders for the site. In this workshop we delved deeply into the content of the site and adjusted texts & flow where necessary. Theo has managed to stimulate the team in a good way to provide feedback and to arrive at good prioritization together. (LinkedIn)

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