Sustainable companies can gain a lot of added value from conversion optimization. A combination of a relatively small and often critical target group means that the website must be extra well put together. Insight into what visitors need to become paying customers is therefore very important.

Well Water

Examples of projects

  • Well Water: This sustainable company was looking for a freelance CRO expert to advise them on their website. The question was to make it clearer what the company stands for and thus improve the quality of the leads. As a result of the expert review conducted, a website redesign has been implemented.
  • Novar: This party, which deals with sustainable energy solutions, was looking for advice about their website. This mainly involved questions surrounding segmentation, personalization, and information architecture. Based on a data analysis and expert review, both strategic and tactical recommendations have been made on these topics.
  • Pieter Pot: This collaboration started after a pitch in which the client looked for the best CRO specialist. The challenge here lay mainly in improving the homepage, with the aim of attracting more registrations. An expert review and various A/B tests were used for this purpose.
  • Greenchoice: This sustainable energy company felt the need to test potential improvements on the website. This was carried out using carefully designed and analyzed A/B tests. This has led to great winners and learnings about what visitors want to see on the website.
  • Undiemeister: User research has been conducted for this internationally operating brand in sustainable clothing. With the help of extensive user testing sessions, conversion thresholds on the website were identified and reported to the client.

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Sustainable is often more expensive

The high price is often cited as the number 1 reason why people do not choose sustainable products. An additional challenge here is to find an effective way to communicate the value proposition of the products and convince customers of the benefits of the purchase.

Challenges surrounding greenwashing

How reliable is the claim that a brand sells sustainable products or services? As a result of various greenwashing scandals, consumers have become wary. It can therefore be important to be transparent about production processes, certifications and the like to build trust.

Relatively unknown brands

Well-known brands are often unconsciously given the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the opposite often applies to relatively unknown brands. It can therefore be difficult to convincingly communicate the unique benefits and value of sustainable products, especially if consumers are unfamiliar with the specific features and benefits.

Usually a small target group

Despite the fact that the demand for sustainable products and services is increasing, this is still a relatively small target group. This sometimes creates stiff competition, where the target group must be convinced that your product is the best choice.

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Frequently asked questions

How do we convince visitors to choose sustainability?

While there is growing awareness and interest in sustainability, there is often a gap between what consumers say they want and what they actually buy. It can be challenging to motivate consumers to make more sustainable choices, especially if that means paying more or making concessions in other areas, such as convenience. Substantiated methods from psychology, for example, can help with this.

How do we serve our different segments smartly?

Some people choose sustainable products for the sake of the environment, while others do so for their health, for example. The extent to which segments still need to be convinced of the benefits of sustainable products also varies. By applying thorough segmentation and user-friendly navigation, all target groups can be adequately served. Research into aspects such as psychological motivations can also allow us to apply personalization.

How do we tell our story in an appropriate way?

An important differentiator of sustainable companies is often the story behind the company. Why was the company founded and what choices were made? It is important to find the balance between telling about your company and promoting the products or services you offer. User research, for example, can help with this.

How do we distinguish ourselves from the competition online?

This starts with a good awareness of who exactly your competitors are. Once this has been clearly identified, the differences between companies can be examined using a competitive analysis. To what extent do certain points appeal to consumers? What should you focus more attention on and why less on it?

How do we discover what our visitors want to see?

This can be done with a wide range of research techniques. For example, we can get started with user testing, but research using data in Google Analytics or competitive analysis can also help with this. Of course, it is also possible to conduct interviews with existing customers or people from the target group.


More sustainable and better website

Bas Westdijk, Co-founder, Well Water

Theo surprised us. In addition to the diligence with which he worked, Theo has realized his interest in sustainability. Even though Theo had little experience within our industry, he provides new insights and meaningful suggestions in the 'expert review'. The website is again running with the latest technology, is fast, and the hosting has become sustainable. Thank you Theo, we are completely up to date again! (LinkedIn)

Excited about the results

Simone Bronkhorst, Marketing & Publicity, Idea

We are very excited about the results of your conversion research! The findings were very clear. That is why I highly recommend you to other organizations that are looking for answers to challenges in the field of website optimization.

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