Conversion optimization can be an excellent choice for smaller businesses. However, it does require that - even more closely than at larger companies - we look at what is and is not possible. For example, there are sometimes challenges surrounding the number of conversions or the technology of the website, but by making smart choices this does not have to be a problem.

Gespoten panelen

Examples of projects

  • Gespoten panelen: Several expert reviews have been carried out for this sole proprietorship over the years. An analysis was completed of the old website, which was then used to build a new website. Some time later the website was examined with the aim of establishing a basis for continuous optimization.
  • Nice & Warm: An extensive research was conducted for this family business on one of their websites. By using a combination of user testing and an expert review, more than a hundred points for improvement were identified. These were then used to thoroughly overhaul the website in the form of a redesign.
  • TreeClicks: This sole proprietorship approached me asking if I could help one of his websites convert better. After consultation, we decided that an expert review would be most appropriate. In response to the findings that emerged, many changes were implemented and A/B testing was made live.
  • ArtWOD: This company, consisting of a founder and some employees, indicated that they were looking for a conversion expert who could assess the current state of their website. This has resulted in two extensive website analyses, namely an analysis of the main website and an investigation of the logged in 'my' environment.
  • Brein Medicijn: This small company (consisting of the founder and a marketer) contacted me. They wanted to ask for my help with the conversion optimization of their website. This has resulted in a very extensive expert review with 100+ recommendations in which strategic points for improvement formed an important part.

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Low number of conversions

Most small businesses have a relatively low number of conversions per month. This usually involves several dozen to hundreds of conversions per month. This makes it difficult, for example, to obtain reliable and valid results from A/B testing. In that case, it is advisable to validate ideas with methods other than A/B testing.

Little budget available

Smaller companies often have less budget available for conversion optimization than large companies. For that reason, it is important to use the available budget extra efficiently. An example of this could be to start with one research method (for example an expert review) and gradually add other methods (such as a visitor behavior analysis or user testing).

Challenges surrounding the website

The websites of small companies are often slightly less extensive than those of larger companies. It also happens that the technology on which those sites are built is somewhat outdated. This can sometimes make it difficult to effectively implement improvements to increase the conversion rate.

No internal online marketer

Sometimes it can help to have an internal online marketer available as a contact person. However, most smaller companies do not have an online marketer available within the organization, which in some cases can cause some noise on the line.

Highlighted case

For the customer Nice & Warm, an expert review and user testing resulted in a 97% increase in the conversion rate on their website. View case

User testing

Frequently asked questions

Is this the right time to get involved with CRO?

That depends a bit on the current state of the company. For example, is there sufficient room at the web builder to implement improvements in a relatively short period of time? And suppose the number of conversions suddenly increases significantly after implementing the changes, can the company handle this?

Which service is best to start with?

In most cases, smaller companies start with an expert review. An expert review provides many concrete improvement points in a short time with which the website or webshop can be optimized. It also does not matter for an expert review how many visitors you currently receive on the website per month.

Is A/B testing a realistic option for us?

A/B testing often turns out not to be the optimal choice for smaller companies. The main reason for this is that only about one in three tests leads to a significant successful outcome. In addition, a minimum of several hundred conversions per variant is usually necessary for each test to ensure a reliable statistical basis. Combining these aspects often results in less than one successful test per month due to the low number of conversions on many smaller websites.

Should we switch to another web builder?

That varies very much from case to case. In order to effectively improve a website, it is necessary that changes can be made to the website. If the web builder cannot or does not want to do this, this is a major obstacle. It also happens that websites are so poorly constructed that starting over is the better solution. This issue will be discussed in the preliminary stages of a possible collaboration.

Is certain software required for the research?

Nothing needs to be loaded onto the website for an expert review or user testing. For example, if you would like me to help with data analysis or visitor behavior analysis, software such as Google Analytics or Hotjar is needed. In both cases, however, the free version of that software will suffice.


Neat in his communication

Robert Straver, Owner, Gespoten panelen

Theo conducted an expert review for my company. I'm very happy with the feedback he provided! The points for improvement mentioned in his website analysis have helped me - like a dot on the horizon - to give me a direction in which I can move. He is also neat in his communication with me as a customer. I definitely recommend a collaboration with Theo, also for companies that, like me, are still at the start of their journey.

Absolute top when it comes to CRO

Henri van de Blankevoort, Marketeer, BreinMedicijn

Theo did an expert review for us. Our site has been looked at from a strategic to a tactical point of view. The result was a huge list of both structural optimizations and quick wins. Theo is absolute top when it comes to CRO. (LinkedIn)

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