Optimizing lead generation websites requires a targeted approach. For example, there are often a relatively low number of conversions and leads do not generate guaranteed turnover. However, by using available research methods smartly, significant increases in the number of leads generated can be achieved.

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Examples of projects

  • Orde training: This customer wanted to generate more leads for his training courses. After consultation, it was decided to go for an expert review. The report yielded 70+ strategic and tactical improvement points. This has resulted in a thorough revision of the positioning and a large number of website adjustments.
  • ProMotion Film: The CRO strategy on the website has been thought about several times for this company. For example, advice has been given on the navigation structure and how content pages can be better organized with the aim of a larger number of quote requests. Research has also been conducted based on Google Analytics data.
  • Gras en Groen: This customer approached me with the question if I could help to ensure more quote requests. The focus should be on the funnel to request a quote. In addition to tactical advice about the website, the website analysis also provides strategic advice on matters such as target groups and segments.
  • Stairz: The question from this customer was how they could get more leads from their website. In this expert review, a lot of attention has been paid to the forms with which you can request a brochure or make contact. A lot of advice has also been given about the technology of the website.
  • De Nederlandse Kluis: In this case there was a desire to receive more requests to make an appointment. Based on an analysis of the data quality and an extensive expert review, advice was given to this customer. As a result, they have made a large number of changes to their website.

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Often a low number of conversions

Most lead gen companies have a relatively low number of conversions per month. This usually concerns several dozen to hundreds of requests per month. This makes it difficult to obtain reliable and valid results from A/B testing. In that case, it is advisable to validate ideas with methods other than A/B testing (such as user testing).

Measuring forms is sometimes challenging

Depending on the platform used, it can sometimes be very difficult to properly measure application forms. Given the crucial role these forms have for a lead generation website, this can pose a hurdle for conversion optimization work.

Control multiple segments

In many cases, lead gen websites are targeted at multiple segments at once. For example, consider a private or business target group. When developing methods such as user research, these different segments must be taken into account.

Leads are not yet customers

A lead in itself does not immediately generate revenue, but must first be followed up. This sometimes makes it difficult to determine to what extent changes to the website only lead to more leads or also to more customers.

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Frequently asked questions

How do we measure the forms as accurately as possible?

This depends on the technology used to get the forms on the website. In many cases, measuring the successfully sent forms is still relatively simple, but measuring at the individual input field level becomes more difficult. In addition to measuring in software such as Google Analytics, session recordings (for example from Hotjar) can also provide interesting insights into how visitors interact with the forms.

Is it possible to run A/B testing?

For lead gen websites, A/B testing is often not the most suitable strategy. The main reason for this is that only about a third of these tests produce a significant winner. Moreover, at least several hundred conversions per variant are usually required per test to obtain sufficient statistical power. When you combine these factors, the low conversion numbers on many lead gen websites unfortunately often do not result in even one successful test per month.

How do we use landing pages smartly?

Landing pages have often already been set up based on keyword analysis. However, usually relatively little attention is paid to this compared to the main website. By also using user research or visitor behavior analyzes for landing pages, the conversion rate of the landing pages can be significantly improved.

Which conversions should we save?

The advice is to save so-called micro conversions in addition to the primary conversion (quote request, making an appointment, booking a demo, contact form). For example, consider downloading a whitepaper or subscribing to the newsletter. This way you gain more insight into the behavior that visitors exhibit on the website.

Can we start applying personalization?

This partly depends on how much attention has already been paid to the website. Applying it to a website for which hardly any optimization has been done often has relatively little effect compared to first getting the basics in order. However, for lead gen websites where the basics are already in place, personalization can be an interesting option.


Critically held up a mirror

Patrick van den Hul, Owner and founder, Orde training

I used Theo's expert review service where he thoroughly examines your website and provides feedback. This went nicely in a funnel from strategic and tactical to very operational. The operational tips are so practical that they speak for themselves and are so actionable. In the follow-up conversation we mainly discussed Theo's strategic advice. This has led to a thorough revision of the positioning. The combination of advice at all these levels has enabled us to make a major improvement in quality. (LinkedIn)

Very positive results achieved

Tsjibbe Wiersma, Online Marketing Manager, Profile

Theo has a particularly sharp view of conversion optimization and its added value for the organization's objectives. He wants to get the most out of it (in a positive sense). We worked together at Profile Banden en Onderhoud for a longer period of time and achieved very positive results. A pleasant person to work with, clear in his communication and strong in terms of content. (LinkedIn)

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