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Online shops selling supplements and vitamins cater to health-conscious consumers who are looking for products to optimize their nutritional intake. From multivitamins to specialized supplements for sports performance or wellness, customers are looking for products that are safe and effective. For these online stores, it is crucial to provide not only detailed product descriptions and ingredient lists, but also research and advice from experts to help the customer make informed choices.

This blog discusses the challenges faced by online stores in this niche, and provides targeted recommendations to address these challenges effectively. It highlights a specific critical element for this sector and proposes an innovative idea to increase sustainability impact, supported by concrete practical examples.


Supplements and vitamins online stores face various challenges when they want to convert visitors into customers.

  • Quality guarantee: One of the biggest challenges for online stores in the supplements and vitamins industry is complying with strict regulations and offering quality guarantees. Customers are often skeptical about the effectiveness and safety of supplements, and want to be assured that the products meet the highest standards and have been approved by relevant authorities.
  • Effectiveness: Convincing customers of the effectiveness of supplements and vitamins is a unique challenge. Potential buyers want to see proof that the products actually work, which can be difficult because the results are often subjective and personal. The lack of immediate visible results makes it more difficult to convert visitors into purchasing customers.
  • Abundance: The supplement and vitamin market is saturated with countless brands and products, making it difficult for customers to make an informed choice. The abundance of options can lead to choice stress, where customers become overwhelmed and decide not to make a purchase.
  • Trust: Building trust is crucial in this industry, where consumers are often distrustful due to negative reporting about fraudulent claims and inferior products. Online stores must work hard to communicate reliability to gain and maintain the trust of their customers.

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Here you will find tips that apply to web shops that offer supplements and vitamins. It is important to understand that not all advice works for every webshop, given the differences in digital capabilities and budgets. These tips should be validated through A-B testing and/or user research before finally implementing them.

  • Prominently display quality assurances: Ensure that all relevant certifications, quality assurances and health authority approvals are clearly visible on product pages. This helps to strengthen credibility and gain customer trust. Consider adding a section that describes the strict quality checks and testing the products undergo to meet the highest standards.
  • Show scientific support: Provide detailed, scientifically based information about the effectiveness of each supplement. This may include research results, clinical studies and medical recommendations. Combine this with authentic customer testimonials and case studies that show real results, helping to make the potential benefits of the products tangible to customers.
  • Offer a selection aid: Develop a personalized quiz or selection aid that helps customers navigate the wide range of supplements. By asking questions about their health, diet and lifestyle, customers can receive a tailored recommendation that helps them make an informed choice, reducing choice stress and increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  • Be transparent about ingredients: Be completely transparent about the origin and composition of the ingredients in the supplements. Customers want to know exactly what they are taking and where it comes from. Providing detailed ingredient lists and information about suppliers and production locations can help build trust and remove doubts.


The origin and purity of ingredients play a central role in the supplement and vitamin industry. Consumers want to know exactly where ingredients come from, how they have been processed, and whether they are free from contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances. Transparency about these aspects can significantly increase customer confidence. By providing detailed information about the origin of each ingredient and the strict quality controls that are carried out, online stores can distinguish themselves from the competition. Many brands are also starting to offer third-party test results and certifications that confirm the purity and potency of their products. This approach not only helps to strengthen the brand's reliability, but also gives consumers the peace of mind that they are purchasing a product of high quality and safety. This aspect of transparency and accountability can be a powerful way to increase conversion rates and build a customer base in the competitive supplement and vitamin market.

New Chapter


An important aspect to increase sustainability in the supplements and vitamins industry is sustainable packaging. This aspect is essential because most supplements and vitamins are sold in plastic bottles or blisters, which contribute to global plastic pollution. By switching to eco-friendly packaging options, brands can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also strengthen their green image. Sustainable packaging plays a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of the supplement and vitamin industry. Many companies are now starting to use biodegradable, compostable or recycled materials for their packaging. These innovations not only help to reduce waste, but also stimulate a circular economy in which materials are reused and recycled. Brands such as Garden of Life and Nutrafol have already started integrating sustainable packaging solutions, such as bottles made from plant-based plastic and fully recyclable materials. By being transparent about their packaging materials and educating customers on how to properly recycle or compost them, supplement online stores can not only contribute to a cleaner planet, but also build a loyal customer base that values ​​sustainability. Offering refill options, where customers purchase a reusable container and then order refills, can also be an effective strategy to reduce packaging waste.

Garden of life
Ora Organic
New Chapter


  • Garden of Life: Various quality marks are shown that this product complies with. By displaying these large and clear, visitors can easily recognize them. Personally, I think it is strong that they only show three quality marks, instead of a whole row of quality marks in a small format that makes it difficult for visitors to view them.
  • Nutrafol: Based on clinical trials, this brand makes it clear that their effectiveness is scientifically substantiated. By referring to these studies directly on the website and then explaining them in understandable language, this can help convert visitors into paying customers.
  • Ora Organic: On this page it is possible to read in detail which ingredients are used. You can also filter by products, so that you can immediately see which ingredients are in a product that a visitor is considering purchasing.
  • New Chapter: With the help of a quiz, visitors are helped to select the products that suit them best. An additional advantage for the webshop is that they can also offer personalized information and product recommendations based on the answers.

About the author

Theo van der Zee (MSc, Psychology) has been building and optimizing websites and web shops for more than 20 years. As a freelance conversion specialist, he helps companies to improve their websites based on research and experiments.

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