Improving Online Stores That Sell Electrical Appliances

You can all order devices such as laptops, televisions, mobile phones, tablets, washing machines and vacuum cleaners via an electronics webshop. However, these products often cost hundreds or even thousands of euros. Visitors therefore want to be sure that they order the most suitable item and that the electrical appliances will function as desired.

This article discusses the challenges that an online store in this industry can face and also offers practical tips to deal with them as effectively as possible. It highlights a specific element that is of particular importance to this industry, and presents an idea to improve its impact in terms of sustainability. In addition, some examples are discussed.


Electronics online stores face various challenges in converting visitors into customers.

  • Complex: One of the biggest challenges is the fact that electronics can often be complex and technical, making it difficult for customers to understand the features and benefits of a product. It is also often the case that various products are offered that at first glance look very similar, but sometimes differ significantly from each other.
  • Expensive: Another challenge is that electronics are often expensive, which can sometimes make customers take longer to make a purchasing decision or hesitate to make a purchase online. From a marketing point of view, this can cause problems around conversion attribution and the turnaround time of A/B testing.
  • Fast: In addition, rapid technological innovation in the electronics industry means that products can quickly become outdated, which can discourage customers from making a purchase when they visit the webshop.

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The following recommendations can help electronics increase their conversion rate. However, it is important to remember that not all tips apply to every online store. Factors such as digital maturity, budgets and staff can influence the implementation of these tips. It is therefore recommended to first validate these webshop tips through one or more A/B tests before they are applied on a large scale.

  • Make comparing easy: It can be difficult for visitors to determine the differences between device models and brands. This is why it can help to offer a clear comparison tool that allows visitors to compare products side by side. A useful option could be to make it possible to show only the points where devices differ from each other. This can help visitors make informed decisions and increase the likelihood of conversion.
  • Offer clear guarantees: Electronics are often an expensive purchase. Visitors will therefore want to be extra sure that they do not make a bad purchase. A clear warranty can therefore help visitors reduce customer fear of possible defects or malfunctions.
  • Show recommended accessories: Suggest relevant accessories to customers based on the product they are viewing or their browsing history. This can help increase average order value and improve customer experience. If personalization at this level is not possible, for example, compatible products from the same brand can simply be shown on the product page.
  • Resell returns: Items are regularly returned not because they are defective, but because customers do not understand how they work, for example. In many cases it can be difficult to sell these products again as new products. A solution to this may be to resell these returned products in good condition at an attractive discount. Good for the company, the consumer, and the environment. The Second Chance label of the Dutch webshop Coolblue is a good example of this.
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A selection aid function can be a valuable tool for electronics online stores, both to improve the user experience and to increase the conversion rate. By providing customers with personalized recommendations based on their needs and preferences, this feature can simplify the decision-making process for customers and increase their confidence in their purchase.

To use this feature effectively, merchants can start by creating a "questionnaire" that asks customers about their needs and preferences for the product they are interested in. For example, if a customer is looking for a laptop, the questionnaire might ask about the customer's budget, desired screen size, desired computing power, and other important factors. Based on the customer's answers, the webshop can then make a personalized recommendation that meets his needs.

In addition, online stores can also use this feature to demonstrate their expertise in the industry by providing customers with useful information and advice. For example, the online store can offer a comparison between different products, highlighting the key features of each product and providing useful tips on how to get the most out of their purchase.


Some electronics web shops offer the option to take back old electrical appliances as soon as a new appliance is delivered. An example of this is Coolblue, which offers to recycle an old device in this way. As they themselves indicate, "during delivery is the time to hand over your old product". Not only do you immediately get rid of the old device, Coolblue can also ensure that the device is recycled in an appropriate manner. In some cases, it is probably still possible for an electronics online store to repair and resell the collected products, or to receive compensation for certain parts or raw materials that are still in the old device. Taking old devices with you not only becomes a nice service to consumers, but creates a win-win-win for people, planet, and profit.



  • MediaMarkt: By showing products side by side in this way, this webshop makes it easy to compare them. Also visible is the 'Show the differences' discussed above. In this way, the limited space available on a mobile screen is used efficiently.
  • BCC: Different levels of security are offered here. For example, there are the standard guarantees that this webshop always offers. There is also the option on this page to take out insurance for repair or replacement outside the legal warranty.
  • Cameraland: A long list of recommended accessories is shown for this device. An advantage for the visitor is that they have the assurance that the accessories mentioned will be compatible with the primary device being purchased. For the online store, it can increase the average order value because it makes it easy for visitors to add a cross-sell to the shopping cart.
  • Coolblue: Items that have been returned are resold (after a thorough check) via a separate label on this webshop. In addition to an attractive discount, the products also come with the same guarantees and conditions as new products. This provides an attractive offer for various consumer segments. Consider, for example, consumers with a lower budget or consumers who want to reduce their impact on the climate.

About the author

Theo van der Zee (MSc, Psychology) has been building and optimizing websites and web shops for more than 20 years. As a freelance conversion specialist, he helps companies to improve their websites based on research and experiments.

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